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Mustin Raw Chia Seeds (Has omega 3 oils, High in antioxidants, No cholesterol)

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Mustin’s mission is to make India heart healthy and spread the joy and benefits of eating peanut butter to as many of our countrymen as possible. Mustin’s flagship product is peanut butter. We have a huge range of peanut butter variants. To make your busy lifestyle healthier and a bit easier you can buy peanut butter online from


Mustin's got many fans & they're all over Instagram



Mustin's got many fans & they're all over Instagram





Rohit Bose

"I love Mustin's chocolate hazelnut spread. It is creamy and has a rich taste. Also, it is good for health as it has no trans fat and is full of protein. It tastes delicious. It is super chocolaty and has the luscious taste of hazelnuts. Definitely a must-try."

Vincent Vivek

"Mustin’s Classic peanut butter has become my go-to choice for peanut butter now. It serves as my favourite nutrient supplement as It is full of protein and is dairy-free. It tastes amazing and has a super creamy texture."

Deepak Vashisht

"I like to enjoy different flavours in my peanut butter and Mustin has great variants like strawberry and vanilla peanut butter. I like the taste of exquisite strawberries in a jar of peanut butter with Mustin’s strawberry peanut butter. It is a healthy food as it is full of protein and also tastes amazing. It is my favourite nutrition supplement."

Manish Thakran

"Mustin’s roasted and salted pumpkin seeds have become my favourite snack these days. They are healthy and tasty. They have no added sugar, preservatives, trans fat and cholesterol making it the best healthy alternative to fried snacks. It has become my guilt-free snacking partner. "

Sarina Pani

"I love Mustin’s raw chia seeds as it has no added sugar and preservatives and is full of protein. Chia seeds are a great source of fibre and antioxidants. You can include it in your daily diet as it is absolutely pure. "

Mustin Peanut Butter uses only the best peanuts while preparing its Peanut Butter products. Among the high protein foods, Mustin’s peanut butter scores very high. It is healthy as well as tasty and helps in making a wide variety of desserts. It can be eaten as an anytime snack with bread, pancakes or on its own.

Mustin Peanut Butter has become a brand that is changing the Peanut Butter game of the market with its range of Interesting Peanut Butter flavours, and Nutritional products. All of the flavours are much liked and respected in the market, as well as by the customers.

People who are not in the fitness circle also swear by Mustin’s range of Peanut Butter for its lip-smacking taste, and for the other health benefits of Peanut Butter. Many people enjoy Mustin’s products as just mid-day snacks. Mustin’s products are considered as a tasty and healthy snack to satisfy the cravings in-between meals.

Among the fitness crowd, Mustin’s wide range of Peanut Butter never gets boring because of the variety of tastes that is offered. This crowd consumes the Peanut Butter products as pre and post workout meals.

Most of the products by Mustin are a healthy diet for women, men and kids. Not just that, but Peanut Butter from Mustin contains sufficient Nutrition and Protein to help fitness buffs build muscles. The health benefits of Peanut Butter are many, but the chief among them is the abundance of protein in the product. Peanut butter is the best high protein snack there is.

Mustin has the following range of Peanut Butter flavours: Classic Peanut Butter Chunky, Classic Peanut Butter Creamy, Natural Chunky Peanut Butter , Natural Creamy Peanut Butter , Choco Peanut Butter, Strawberry Peanut Butter, Choco Almond Peanut Butter, Vanilla Peanut Butter, Strawberry with Mixed Seeds Peanut Butter, Chia and Strawberry Peanut Butter, and Chia and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Mustin is the healthiest Peanut Butter brand in India. It is always recommended to consume Peanut Butter rather than taking any other protein supplements available. This is because you get the package of taste and health. Mustin’s peanut butter keeps you full and is feasible as an anytime snack.

Mustin’s motto is to serve health and taste together. All of the products by Mustin check these two boxes of health and taste Mustin’s mission is to make India's heart healthy and spread the joy and various health benefits of eating pure Peanut Butter to as many of our countrymen as possible. Mustin’ range of Seeds, Peanut Butter and Spreads is one of a kind in India.