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7 Vegan Protein Sources That Fulfill Nutritional Needs

by Mustin India on May 06, 2021

With the growing pressure on the environment across the Globe, many consumers are shifting to a vegan lifestyle. It is not only healthier and lighter for your body, but also leaves us with a far lesser impact on the environment when compared to poultry or animal husbandry which can be quite detrimental. The growing demand for vegan protein foods has resulted in researchers building on plant based meat and also on lab grown meat which is the next big thing to look at.

So if you are a Vegan consumer and are looking for vegan protein foods, here are some of the top alternatives you should consider. 


1. Chickpeas:

Chickpeas are a rich source of protein and can help you pack 6g of protein per 120g of serving. That’s 5% protein on your total consumption. But yes, if you are a conscious consumer and are also checking on your total consumption of carbohydrates, you should rethink Chickpeas because they would also give you 16g carbs on 120g consumption.


Chickpeas can be filling and healthy for anytime snacking - especially when they are boiled. And of course, if you are a fan of Lebanese food, chickpea paste (hummus) can be a great recipe you can prepare. Chickpeas can be a great option for a protein vegan diet and can help you maintain your daily consumption routine.


2. Lentils:

Many different types of lentils are available in the market and surely, if you live in India or belong to any South Asian country, you might have been asked to consume lentils since your childhood. Packed with 13g protein in a 50g serving, lentils are a great source of dietary fibre as well. They are available in different colors such as Brown, Green, Red, Yellow and Black and all of them have a difference in taste as well as texture. But yes, Lentils can be a good lean protein source for vegans and is surely considered as a high protein vegan food.


3. Soybeans:

Globally, soybeans are considered to be one of the most consumed foods. Also known as soya beans in a lot of geographies, soybeans are packed with 15g protein per every 40g of serving, which is equivalent to 25% protein portion. If you are looking for a protein source for vegans or vegetarians, Soya beans can be a great option. In a lot of locations, soybeans are often used to make tofu, soy milk, tempeh and other textured vegetable protein. For plant based meat factories, soybeans have served as a boon and there are a lot of global facilities that are using these small oilseeds to create the texture of a meat ingredient. But don’t worry, for a high protein vegan diet, soybeans serve as a great ingredient and are a lean protein source for several individuals on the planet.


4. Chia Seeds:

A 36g of serving of Chia seeds contain around 6g of protein - which is almost 16% protein packed in these small seeds which are not only a great source of vegan protein but also an amazing healthy alternative packed with sodium, calcium and iron. When added to liquids, they swell up and create a thickening effect. They have a jelly like texture and add a crunch when you eat - often making their consumption very amusing for a lot of people. If you are following a protein rich vegan diet, Mustin Chia Seeds is a must include as it will give you all the goodness of amazing nutrients which will boost your immunity and help you with a longer and healthier lifestyle.


5. Pumpkin Seeds:

A small 30g serving of Pumpkin seeds can give you 10g protein. This rich source of protein is summing upto 33% and is usually found in Mexican dietary regimen and is also known as pepita. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are also high in dietary fiber and are largely recommended by nutritionists. Whether you like Raw Pumpkin Seeds or Roasted & Salted Pumpkin Seeds, both are rich sources of lean protein for vegan diet and at the same time, are also very well known for their high magnesium content which may be as high as 74mg per 2 tablespoons.


You can also add these small and tasty seeds to your meals or that smoothie bowl or that salad you like and enjoy their crunchy and tasty texture. They are also fit for guiltfree anytime snacking and adds as a great source of protein for vegans.


6. Nuts & Nut Butter:

One of the most favourite sources of protein and good fats for people globally has been Peanut Butter which is often drawn by crushing Raw or Roasted Peanuts. While the Natural (Raw Peanut Butter - Chunky or Creamy) Peanut Butter is full of protein and good fats, a lot of consumers across the globe prefer trying flavoured and tastier variants as well. We at Mustin have tried creating various flavours such as Classic Peanut Butter - Chunky & Creamy, Chocolate Peanut Butter and even some innovative flavours such as Strawberry Peanut Butter, Vanilla Peanut Butter & Choco Almond Peanut Butter and have become the only brand in India serving PB in such amazing flavours.


For a lean protein vegetarian diet, Peanut Butter and other such nut butters act as a great filler and are also consumed mid meals by millions of consumers across the globe.


Mustin’s PBs are a part of everyday diet for thousands of Indians and are consumed in great numbers.



This ancient grain has been in the hands of human civilization since the mesopotamian age and is packed with over 50% protein. It is either consumed raw and plain or is boiled in water and consumed as a accompaniment. The grain is rich in dietary fibers and iron and can be added to various other liquids such as soups. Farro has started being sold raw by a lot of healthy food companies and is a good source of protein for vegans. If you are following a vegan diet and are looking for a lean protein source, farro might be your goto product.

While there might be several other sources of protein for a vegan diet, the above mentioned sources can act as a super easy and quick go-to snacking. You must also try any of the healthy products which we make at Mustin which are surely filled with the goodness of health and nutrition and can help you with anytime snacking cravings. Afterall, Mustin #MastHai



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