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How to make vegan cinnamon rolls with seven ingredients ?

by Mustin India on June 07, 2021

Do you want to make cinnamon rolls in under 30 minutes? Be happy because your dream is going to transform into reality. Here is a quick method to make these delicious vegan cinnamon rolls. We will use only 7 simple and easy to access ingredients to make these rolls and during this whole making of cinnamon rolls, we won’t be using yeast in our dough. 

We will be using only 5 ingredients to make our dough and it will make our cinnamon rolls very soft and fluffy. The filling of cinnamon sugar will just add more taste to our rolls. Vegan cinnamon rolls, an incredible bite or sweet brimming with flavor. It is not difficult to get ready and made with fixings that you likely as of now have in your kitchen. 

What Exactly Is Cinnamon Rolls?

Cinnamon rolls are accepted to have begun in Sweden during the 1920s. However, it wasn't until the 1950s that they got mainstream. In Sweden, they're normally served for Fika, which is a get-together time that incorporates some espresso or tea. Sweden even celebrates National Cinnamon Rolls Day.

These delicious cinnamon rolls have a texture somewhat similar to swiss rolls available in the market but it is far more delicious than those swiss rolls. The color of homemade cinnamon rolls is golden brown. Apart from its taste, its smell is so good that it can bring water to your mouth. To make the perfect cinnamon rolls it is very important to get the dough right. 

The dough of these cinnamon rolls must not be too tight, it should be soft and spongy. If you get your dough too tight or too runny then it will ruin the original taste and it will not make good rolls. The consistency of the dough must be maintained. 

Ingredients We Need To Make The Cinnamon Rolls

Now, let’s know about the ingredients that we will require to make a quick yeast-free Cinnamon Rolls Dough. Cinnamon rolls filling, and Veg Cream Cheese Icing. Let us know about each thing one by one.

Quantity and Ingredients For Making Yeast Free Dough

  • Take ¾ cup of almond milk, you can also take the same quantity of Cow’s milk if almond milk is not available in your kitchen.
  • Take ½ cup of melted vegan butter. You can also substitute it with clarified butter (Ghee)
  • Take 1 ½ tablespoon of baking powder to make your dough fluffy and spongy.
  • Take 2 whole cups of regular or gluten-free all-purpose flour. And don’t substitute it with any other flour like almond flour, baking flour, etc… Otherwise, it will not give you the best results. 

Transfer all the ingredients to a large bowl and stir it. Once you are done with the stirring part then knead the dough properly. You should knead the dough on a clean surface after sprinkling some flour on the surface. 

Once the kneaded dough becomes smooth. Place it in a bowl and lubricate it with oil. Cover the knead with a large bowl and leave it for almost 15-20 minutes if you are in a hurry , else leaving it for an hour is ideal.

Quantity and Ingredients for Making Cinnamon Roll Filling

You can mix these things at once or you can also put them over your rolls one after another. But as we are taking only 30 minutes, I will prefer to mix them at once and keep them to save time.

Quantity and Ingredients For Making Cream Cheese Icing

  • Take 2 ounces of Veg Cream Cheese.
  • Take 2 tbsp of Smooth Veg Butter.
  • Take ¾ cup of fine powdered sugar.

You can mix it with the help of a stirrer or electric mixer and make superb icing. 

Process Of Making Cinnamon Rolls

  • Now, put the dough on a little floured surface. To roll the dough you can also use a rolling pin to give it a rectangle shape. It is compulsory to give it a perfect rectangular shape. But the finer your edges of the dough, the more perfect rolls will be made. 
  • Lubricate the edges of the shape with coconut oil and put the cinnamon mixer that we have made for the stuffing. But you should put this mixture carefully and leave the edges of shape as it is. Once you have spread the mixture on once again roll the dough and transform it into a log. Once you made the log, now cut the log into medium size pieces. 
  • You can place these small rolls in a large baking bowl or pan which is lubricated with butter. You should place the rolls as cut side up. Now cover the pa and leave it aside for a few minutes.
  • Now bake the Cinnamon rolls for 15-20 minutes at 400  degree celsius. Once they turn golden brown, take them off, and let them cool for 10 minutes before icing.

Now you can eat these rolls as a healthy breakfast and to make it more in calories you can have some healthy supplements like Mustin’s whey protein shake or smoothie. This will also complete your daily calorie consumption level easily.

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Important Things To Note While Making Cinnamon Rolls

You must follow some important notes in order to make delicious cinnamon rolls. These are:- 

  • Make sure that almond milk or cow milk that you are using to make dough must be at room temperature.
  • You should add the icing once the rolls become warm. Neither cold nor hot. If you put icing when the rolls are hot then the icing will melt and the rolls will not look attractive. Likewise, if you put icing when it gets cold then the icing will not ooze out or won’t spread.
  • Give rolls time to cool down completely before you can store them for freezing. 
  • Always do icing at the time you eat cinnamon. This will revive the taste of fresh cinnamon rolls although it’s frozen.
  • Also do not alter the flour with any other kind of flour as it will ruin the texture of your rolls.

By following these important things, you will be able to make your cinnamon rolls very tasty.

This is a detailed recipe instruction for making delicious and mouth-watering vegan cinnamon rolls. You can also experiment with its stuffing and can add some of your healthy ingredients to it and can taste. To make it better try to make the dough at night and keep it overnight to make it soft and more spongy. However, this is one of the fastest ways to make these tasty yeast-free cinnamon rolls. 


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