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                Mustin chunky peanut butter is the healthiest peanut butter among all. Everyone loves nuts and nutted peanut butter gives you the best flavors. Chunky peanut butter gives you a smooth texture to your mouth with its creamy and delicious flavour that no one can ignore.

                1. What are the varieties of nutted peanut butter you have?

                Ans 1. Mustin presents various nutted peanut butter so that your exploration never ends. Nuts are high in proteins and health-boosting vitamins. It has almond, black pepper cashews, peri almond, walnuts, and Kaju flavoured peanut butteṛ. All give you the proteins of various nuts with great taste on your plate.

                 2. Is Spicy peanut butter healthy?

                Ans 2. Peanut butter itself is rich in proteins and vitamins. The spicy flavours like garlic almond and black pepper cashews bring you the classic peanut butter chunky flavour making your healthy food delicious.

                3. Is Chunky Peanut Butter healthy?

                Ans 3. Yes, Chunky Peanut butter contains more fiber and folate and is rich in vitamins like vitamin E, Vitamin D. This makes your immune system grow stronger.

                4. Which is the classic peanut butter in India?

                Ans 4. Mustin presents classic peanut butter in India. It is the only brand to produce various flavours of peanut butter with 100% natural ingredients.

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