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                Nuts are tasty. Nuts are healthy. Almost everyone loves nuts. They are crunchy, bite-sized, ready-to-eat anytime snacks. Nuts can aid in reducing heart disease risks. They also help in controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Nuts have also shown to reduce risk for certain kinds of cancers and improve blood sugar levels.

                Almonds and cashews are the most popular nuts for snacking. People are aware that almonds are good for memory but no such facts are well-known for cashews. The fact is that all kinds of nuts, including cashews and almonds, are full of vitamins and minerals and good for you.

                Nuts are high in fat, but they mostly contain the healthy kind of fat (monounsaturated). Please also be aware that they do contain small amounts of saturated fats (the bad kinds). Nuts also contain healthy amounts of omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. Nuts are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals like magnesium and vitamin E.

                Many people are ignorant to the benefits of nuts. They consider nuts as just accompaniments for drinks and as a rare treat. Many of these people snack on unhealthy foods on a day to day basis when they could be enjoying the great taste of nuts that also provide ample health benefits. It is a good habit to munch a small amount of nuts daily instead of snacking on chips or other fried foods. Nuts have the ability to make you feel full and satiated with their good aftertaste.

                Some people think that nuts are too fatty and result in weight gain and some people think that eating nuts is healthy and results in weight-loss. The fact is that many studies have shown no correlation between a nut-rich diet and weight-loss or weight-gain. 

                Here are some facts about cashews and almonds:

                Cashews: A 28g serving of cashews provides 1% of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of vitamin E and 20% of the magnesium RDI. Studies have shown that almond rich diets may help improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

                Almonds: A 28g serving of almonds provides 37% of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of vitamin E and 19% of the magnesium RDI. Almonds might help improve cholesterol levels. Almonds also help in the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

                Mustin has a great lineup of cashew and almond variants for its customers. Apart from the Classic Salted Cashews and Almonds, Mustin also has provided more tasty and spicy variants such as Peri Peri Almonds and Cashews. To take the flavour profiles further, Mustin has also launched Chili Garlic Almonds and Black Pepper Cashews. Black pepper and cashews are a much loved flavour combination for cashews. Chilly and garlic gives a surprising kick to almonds and makes for an enjoyable flavour combination.

                Mustin’s healthy snack options in cashews and almonds are part of Mustin’s overall product line of healthy snacks including peanut butters and seeds. Mustin believes in providing the best of health and taste to consumers. Cashews and almonds are great anytime healthy snacks and Mustin will continue to provide its consumers with the goodness of such products that are good for health and great in taste.

                Even if you are running short on time, you need not worry as you can now buy almonds online & cashews online. is a great place to buy nuts online and always keep yourself well stocked. There are regular discounts and promo codes on display.

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