Try our new flavours of peanut butter!


In the modern fast-paced life, we often opt for hassle-free, instant products that suits our on-the-go lifestyle. But, in this race, we often forget to stop & check what we are eating. While keeping up with the fast-growing & developing world, we also need to keep an eye on our health & that's where the foundation of Mustin was laid upon. Our snacking variants strike a perfect balance between being delectable & containing higher nutritional values.

Understanding the modern snacking habits & lifestyle, we have introduced food variants such as:

Seeds that are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, iron, a substantial quantity of healthy fats, magnesium, zinc a few beneficial calories.

Nuts that are rich in vitamin E and magnesium in delightful flavours and spices to amp up your day.

Peanut butter with the goodness of roasted peanuts, hazelnuts & almonds with an added flavor of chocolate.
We aim at creating an important space in every Indian kitchen by offering preservative free & longer shelf life nutritious foods. 
Mustin is born out of years of experience by an amalgamation of the successor of Parvati Fabrics Ltd. - Mr. Shashank Pacheriwal & Evershine Group - Mr. Rutvik Shah. The duo with their distinct set of expertise from their business backgrounds, have come up together with this brand.